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At Hentys Lawyers, we have a team of specialist Estate Lawyers ready to assist you in Disputing an Estate.

Should you ever want to dispute an estate, it’s important to have a legal partner that understands both the legal aspects and the strong emotions that often come with these situations. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Hentys Estate Lawyers can offer both.

Leading the Hentys team is Richard Cudlipp, a Partner and Director at Hentys, and practicing Estate Lawyer. Richard is an industry expert who is ready to help you with his unrivalled knowledge in the field.

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Hentys Lawyers: Specialist Estate Lawyers

Our specialist Estate Lawyers have the knowledge and experience to assist you with general claims against deceased estates, Testator’s Family Maintenance Act applications and disputes concerning the validity of Wills.

Hentys Estate Lawyers will assist you every step of the way, from our initial consultation where we will advise you on the merits of your case, through to mediating disputes and negotiating resolutions that you are happy with. We are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients and will endeavour to ensure:

  • You are always given complete and accurate advice from your lawyer
  • You are given answers to your questions promptly and in plain english
  • You are kept informed of your options at each stage of the estate dispute

Estate Lawyers: Who Will Represent Me?

Richard and his team of Estate Lawyers have the expertise to deliver the legal advice you need, and the understanding to provide you with further emotional support. Your lawyer will work closely with you for the duration of the matter.

How Much Will An Estate Lawyer Cost?

In your initial consultation, your Estate Layer will detail the general merits of the case, and advise you whether you are likely to achieve your desired outcome if you decide to proceed with the claim.

If you decide to pursue the claim, you will be provided with an initial estimate of legal costs in accordance with Victorian legislation. In all estate matters, your Estate Lawyers are prepared to act on a No Win, No Fee basis, with successful claim costs being paid out of the estate proceeds.

Estate Disputes: Will I End Up In Court?

Each case is subject to a court appointed mediation, and in the last 5 years at Hentys, not one estate dispute claim has proceeded to a trial.

While Victorian Law recognises a person's right to choose who will inherit his or her property, there are often very good reasons for you to dispute an estate. Whatever your reasons may be, Hentys Estate Lawyers are committed to representing you to the best of our ability throughout the entire process. For further information or advice, please contact our team of Estate Lawyers, who are more than happy to assist you.

Estate Lawyers