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Your Questions Answered

What Employment Law services do you provide?
We offer practical business solutions that focus on prevention, management, litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Our Employment Law services include:
  • Review and development of employment contracts.
  • Guidance throughout the termination of employment process.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Fair Work Act and other relevant legislation.
  • Assistance throughout the return to work process to ensure compliance and the health and wellbeing of employees.
  • Workplace investigations for bullying and workplace misconduct allegations.
  • Advice and defence of unfair dismissal claims.
  • Facilitating Functional Capacity Evaluations ensuring workers’ ongoing capacity and suitability for roles.
  • Human resource policy development, including bullying, and drug and alcohol policies.
  • Advice regarding equal opportunity obligations and defence of equal opportunity claims.
  • Executive employment advice, including contract and redundancy negotiations.

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