Domino’s Driver Takes Action after Missing Out on Employee-of-the-year Award

1 September 2017

A casual delivery driver for the Erina Domino’s store in NSW has claimed that missing out on winning the 2016 driver-of-the-year award year has left her with a psychological injury.

The employee, Lynette Hart, was the winner of the 2015 award and believed that she was the front runner for a consecutive year. However, the reality was that by May 2016 her driver ranking had slipped around 100 places and this resulted in her coming second.

Despite winning a $1000 fuel voucher for her second place, the employee was bitterly disappointed and took her bid to overturn the result to the Fair Work Commission.

Ms Hart argued that her driver ranking had dropped due to errors in Domino’s GPS tracking system. Errors, which despite being brought to the attention of her employer countless times, were ignored until after the competition was over.

I believe adamantly that should these errors have not occurred, that I would be in first place and receiving the $15,000 bonus”, said Ms Hart during her outline of the dispute.

She further submitted that the circumstances of her failure to win the first prize had caused her a psychological injury as she was a victim of bullying and unfair treatment by Domino’s.

Domino’s rejected all claims and stated that the data used to judge the prize was entirely accurate as it went through multiple rounds of internal reviews. Further, they noted that the main reason why Ms Hart did not win the prize was simply because she received a lower customer feedback rating than the winner.

The commission dismissed Ms Hart’s application, with the commission’s deputy president stating that to overturn the result would have been a “bizarre and entirely inappropriate outcome”.