Twitter reluctant to play by the rules

17 October 2017

An unnamed company has faced difficulties in having offending tweets removed. In May of this year, a Twitter user posted tweets whilst adopting the handle of the company’s chief executive.

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Long jail terms, $10m fines and WHSO roles introduced

4 October 2017

The Queensland government has recently introduced a 67 page Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill so as to most notably: mandate safety measures in the WHS Codes of Practice; reintroduce the role of workplace health and safety officers; enable WHS Queensland inspectors to make on the spot determinations of WHS disputes; establish an independent statutory office for WHS prosecutions; prohibit duty holders from entering enforceable undertakings in lieu of prosecution for offences involving a fatality; and as the headline states – to introduce an industrial manslaughter offence with a 20 year jail term and $10 million in fines.

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Long running depression case getting longer

27 September 2017

A Victorian appeals court has finally found the Victorian Civil Administration Tribunal decision in dismissing a worker’s equal opportunity claim to be erroneous, and has granted the depressed worker a right to argue for a new recourse at a full hearing.

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Lack of Training a Costly Mistake

25 September 2017

In a recent case1 before the Supreme Court at Brisbane, an Anglican Community Services Organisation was found to have been negligent by failing to train an employee to safely unload a wheelie walker from a vehicle.

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