Impending Changes to Victorian Labour Hire Licensing

2 February 2018

The Victorian Government has introduced changes to its Labour Hire laws, presenting the Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017. The Bill creates a regulatory scheme which subjects labour hire providers to background checks, and ensures that they are “fit and proper” persons.

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Lessons on PTSD: the Importance of Management and Prevention

19 January 2018

A 2015 decision in the NSW Supreme Court was thought to be the first case where an employer was found liable for PTSD. Although this decision was overturned this year, it has outlined multiple key considerations for employers where psychiatric injuries are concerned.

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New Load Restraint Guides Endorsed

17 January 2018

Updates to the national Load Restraint Guides have been endorsed by Australia’s state, territory and commonwealth transport ministers, with leaders confirming the implementation of the former recommendations. Ministers have also supported the introduction of laws which would make non-compliance with safety documents an offence.

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A Case of Double Compensation Against an Employer

10 January 2018

A recent NSW Supreme Court case relating to a worker’s death has seen an employer ordered to pay both death benefits and permanent impairment compensation, which is likely to result in a payout amounting to more than $1 million.

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