Obesity in the Workplace: Your Obligations as an Employer

16 July 2018

Obesity has been one of Australia’s most prominent social issues for quite some time now. Today, employers are obliged to ensure that the physical health and body weight of their employees does not pose a health or safety risk to the worker, and the entirety of their business.

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The Gig Economy: blurring the lines?

15 June 2018

The contentious issue of employee v contractor in the gig economy is again front and centre with food delivery platforms Uber Eats, Foodora and Deliveroo in the spotlight concerning the engagement of their delivery riders and drivers.

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Light duties no excuse for breach

14 May 2018

In a recent decision by the Fair Work Commission an employer’s drug and alcohol policy was ruled to apply to a truck driver – even during the period he was performing light data entry duties.

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