Light duties no excuse for breach

14 May 2018

In a recent decision by the Fair Work Commission an employer’s drug and alcohol policy was ruled to apply to a truck driver – even during the period he was performing light data entry duties.

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Senate Committee Inquiry to Inform Review of WHS Laws

11 April 2018

A recent spate of incidents prompted the Turnbull Government to order the inquiry, which will assess whether the increased use of temporary workers and disparity between Work Health and Safety laws is hindering the prevention of workplace deaths.

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The Jarvis Principle

3 April 2018

In a key 2016 case, Jarvis v The Salvation Army Southern Territory, the Court of Appeal set out the requirements for self-insurers where determining the eligibility of workers to weekly payments of compensation, where termination has occurred due to misconduct. This case marked a key point of elucidation for workers and insurers where such matters are concerned.

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