Overview of the Workers Compensation Independent Review Service

5 June 2020

The Workers Compensation Independent Review Service (WCIRS) commenced operation on 30 April 2020. The establishment of the WCIRS by WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe) was in response to the recommendation made by the Victorian Ombudsman following a review of how complex claims are being managed and decided by WorkSafe’s appointed authorised agents (Agents).

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Workplace Manslaughter Offences

18 May 2020

The new Workplace Manslaughter Offences (Manslaughter Law) will soon commence in Victoria.

Under the Manslaughter Law companies and its officers may be guilty of workplace manslaughter if their ‘conduct’ causes a workplace death. The maximum penalty under the Manslaughter Law is $16.5mil for body corporate and 20 years imprisonment for a natural person.

Volunteers are excluded from the Manslaughter Law.

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COVID-19 Developments

13 May 2020

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the workplace landscape and its impact will continue to be felt for years to come. As Australian businesses try to cope with the effect of COVID-19, we provide you an update on the Government’s initiative to assist businesses to continue to operate and secure job loss.

Mental health issues are also on the rise and employers need to be equipped and have the tools to combat this

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Employee who lied about his CV was fairly dismissed

1 March 2019

An employee who intentionally makes dishonest representations in their CV which leads to a breakdown in the employment relationship and a loss of trust, may cause the employer to dismiss the employee, depending on the seriousness of the misrepresentation.

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